How to Make your Wood Stove More Efficient?

Published: 19th August 2009
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A wood stove is mostly used to heat a room or to cook food. However there are different types of wood stoves in the market that find usage in different areas.

Earlier, wood stoves Atlanta were only used for heating rooms in lodges and ski cabins but now they have become an essential part of home decor. The beautiful designs of these wood stoves make them ideal for decorative purposes and for meeting the practical needs of buyers.

Wood stoves are a great investment if you know how to get the maximum benefits from them. You can make a cost efficient usage of these stoves while providing a benefit to the environment.

The main reason for inefficiency of a wood stove is the incomplete fuel consumption. If the wood will not burn completely, it will produce an overly smoky fire and a decreased heat output. By increasing the wood burning efficiency, you will be able to save money as well as reduce airborne pollution. Here are a few things you must consider to obtain the best results from a wood stove:

Burning Seasoned Wood in Stove

This is a well-known concept. The fresh cut, green wood is full of moisture and may take time to burn. You should know that up to 50 percent of the weight of the wood could be moisture, which means the stove will take more time to evaporate the liquid before producing the radiant heat.

If the wood is dry and seasoned, it will burn steadily, produce high heat output and cleaner air. Therefore, you should purchase wood for the stove that was harvested the previous year to get better heat results. You can also buy new wood and dry it for the next few months or years, which will make it more affective.

Making "Indian fires" in Stove

Indian fires are lean, green solar panels that are efficient to tend and environment friendly. Not much has changed today. If you want to make small, hot fires, it will allow you to dispense off the unstable gases by burning them off quickly. This will provide better air quality and fuel economy.

Using the Right Fuel for Your Stove

We often have a tendency of throwing materials like plastic and junk into the wood stove along with fuel-like items like water proofed wood and charcoal briquettes. But this will damage the inner workings of the stove. Along with this, it will affect the heating efficiency and release dangerous chemicals into the air.

By applying the basic concepts, you can actually increase the efficiency of the wood stove as well as save the environment from getting polluted.

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